ULVSHALESKOVEN (The forest of Ulvshale)

This is a map of the forest. You are now at the red exit on the map.

From here you can easily get to the other exits in the forest.
Just click on one of the exits to jump to that spot.

Notice that there are still areas in the forest, that are not linked up.
Maybe these areas will be accessed in the future.

The real-world forest of Ulvshale, lies in the north-west corner of the island Møn in Denmark. Just outside the forest lies a small island called Nyord, where I lived during 1998-99.
When I started to visit the real forest, I soon became aware of a strange phenomenon: The paths in the forest moved around!
When I walk into the forest, and then turned around to go back again, I came out a different place!!!!!
After having experienced this a couple of times, I became so obsessed by the forest, I decided to take pictures of the paths.
This became the start of this site.

When I returned during the summer of 2002, to take the photos of the expansion, I once more experienced the enchanted paths, and was lost in the north-west part of the forest!

The forest is also famous for the varities af plants and trees. It is placed upon a former sea-bed, and the ground is covered in small round stones in a very white colour.

In the virtual forest, no paths are moving around (though it would be possible to do it). Once you have learned how to navigate, you will always be able to get to the desired place!

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